Why Programming Is So Hard To Learn (Dependencies Web 3.0 Moralis Ethereum Boilerplate) – English

Why Programming Is So Hard To Learn (Dependencies Web 3.0  Moralis  Ethereum Boilerplate) - English

 hey guys what is going on welcome back to my channel
completely random article  today i just
wanted to talk about something i want to talk about programming and um why it’s
so hard to get into it um i’ve just spent three days trying to uh get this to
work i finally did it uh this is a this is called morales um it’s a boilerplate
so it’s like uh oh how do you explain it’s like um a template website built on
react and yeah it was really really complicated and i’m a complete noob to um
this kind of thing i can’t even get this one here to work web 3 ui kit but i
wanted to talk about something and why programming is um so hard to get into so
the reason it’s so hard to get into is because the people who make tutorials

why programming

 programmers okay and there’s nothing wrong
with that and a lot of them they make good tutorials but they always miss
fundamental pieces of information for a noob okay so let me tell you a story of
what i’ve been doing for the last three days i have been manually installing
all of these dependencies and it just has not been working and if yeah i was
pulling my hair out i almost gave up earlier tonight and then yeah i realized i
realized a little bit too late that when you so if you don’t know you can do
get clone this is visual studio code if you’re interested in article s i can
make some article s about um about coding and

 my journey et cetera i find it personally
pretty interesting so yeah this is the ethereum boilerplate i don’t know if
this is the right one actually um yeah it is so you do get clone and let me
just make a new one let me do a new uh window now that i’ve learned this i do
not have to worry anymore okay so let’s say you’re brand new to coding you
don’t know what you’re doing so i’m going to do kit clone and then i’m going to
clone this repository this will put all of the necessary files into a folder um
so if i do cd and then ethereum boilerplate that will take me to the file that
i just made and then at this point this is where i got incredibly confused let
me just open this and file open folder ethereum boilerplate oh folder i

 definitely pressed folder there like there
we go okay so when you’re at this point you might be thinking uh yeah how do i
how do i make it work so if you don’t know you need all of these packages okay
and like i said i was doing this okay so i was looking and i was seeing oh it
needs uh wallet connect web 3 provided so i was doing the classic new terminal
um make sure you do i’m already in ethereum boilerplate and i would just be
doing npm and then this and i’ve been installing them all one by one

 okay and i just found out about five
minutes ago after wasting about three days of my life you can just type yarn
here and it just installs everything you have no idea how much time this will
save me yeah it’s been killing me but yeah so all i really need to learn now is
a little bit of react i’m also learning flexbox and things like that to make
things look nice and anything i create will be usable on mobile and on on
desktop because it’s a pwa using service workers as you can see here i’m pretty
sure the react is pawl

 which is like a progressive web app if you
use any sas tools you’ll know what a web app is it’s like app.jarvis.com or
whatever it might be and you can use it on your phone you can use it on your
computer and it works the same way that’s the whole point of these uh the the
newer kind of uh pwa system so if i right click inspect element you can see it
doesn’t matter uh wait let me just click on yeah you can see that it’s
responsive it works on everything just the same way it has everything uh sorted
and all uh if i wanted to make this entire dex this could be i could just make
this into a website like pretty

works on everything just the same 

 easily just changing the ca css i could go live
tomorrow this has all the correct licenses i’m allowed to use this which is
pretty incredible and if you want some more article s about this kind of stuff
let me know uh i i find this super super interesting i thought just connecting
a wallet would take me years to

 learn but because of things called sdks
which is software development kits everything is a lot easier nowadays and you
just have to know how to basically put things together which is what i’ve been
working on so i can use what you’re seeing here too for example i can keep
everything i can delete all this but i can keep this and then once people log
in with their wallet i can have a crypto game here

 which people can play it can
be a super simple javascript game i don’t think it’ll be i don’t think it’s
that hard um i could probably clone as well and just change certain things
about a game make it into to crypto game making into nfts where they earn nfts
and yeah that’s one example of what i can do with this you can make a minting
dap with this kind of system anything that has this login is yeah it’s it

 morales has saved me years of learning
basically i don’t have to do any of the complicated things it will even switch
network to ethereum if i switch here and yeah anyone can do this you literally
just have to google search ethereum boilerplate and then you have to just uh
you just do what i did in this article  i
basically just did it so if i do um what is it npm start this should open
another one this should work first

tutorial but this has turned into

 time and it should open it here i guess this
uh yeah i would like to uh this wasn’t supposed to be a tutorial but this has
turned into a tutorial uh somehow so another really cool thing as well if i go
on my nfts uh i think i’m on the wrong wallet here uh yeah i am i’m on the
runway let me go on don’t ask me what this is i’m gonna go on google chrome and
then if i just ignore that yeah look these are the nfts that i made um i
haven’t shown anyone this and i’m probably not


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