Why Embrace Your Natural Curls Instead of Straightening Them

A whopping 56% of adults in the U.S. have naturally wavy, coily, or curly hair. Yet straight hair has been the beauty standard in the country for decades. Straightening irons and harsh chemicals have been a staple in the beauty kit of most average adult women. According to Statista, 40% of women worldwide admitted to using hair straighteners.

However, curly hair is making a comeback in 2024, and embracing natural curls is becoming more than a fad, a movement. Even more than a movement, embracing your curls is a step towards self-love and acceptance. 

In this article, we will discuss why you should ditch that straightener in your vanity and embark on the journey to embrace the curls you were born with.

1. Road to a Healthier Hair

Did you know that using flat irons to straighten your hair can damage 85% of the keratin protein? This results in dry and brittle hair over the years and ultimately causes hair breakage. Chemical straighteners, on the other hand, are known to strip natural oils from the hair and cause damage to the scalp. As a result, the hair loses elasticity and is prone to frizz. 

Moreover, these products have health implications too. According to NIH, 1.64% of women who never used straightening products are likely to have uterine cancer by the age of 70 years. However, this number jumps to 4.05% for women who regularly use them.

According to TorHoerman Law, frequent use of hair relaxers also leads to an increased risk of uterine, breast, and ovarian cancers. These relaxers contain harmful chemicals such as parabens, bisphenol A, cyclosiloxanes, and more. There have been reports of millions of women developing cancer, fibroids, and other health complications.

Popular brands like L’Oreal, African Pride, Softsheen-Carson, Dark & Lovely, ORS Hair Care, and more are involved in legal tussles with victims over compensation for the damage caused. Any woman who has used hair relaxers or straightening products and developed cancer or other related problems can sue these companies.

These hair relaxer lawsuits are a stark reminder for people with curly hair to embrace their natural curls and let their hair thrive. Curly hair is naturally strong and resilient to damage because of its unique coiled structure. Moreover, the natural oil in the scalp can easily travel down the hair shaft to maintain natural moisture and prevent frizz or breakage.

2. Time and Money Savings

Hair straighteners, mechanical or chemical, are not cheap. You are wasting a truckload of money and time in pursuit of straight hair. It’s safe to assume that women spend around 30 minutes daily to style their hair with a flat iron or hair relaxer. This adds up to a staggering ~1.5 years spent solely on hair styling and straightening.

Similarly, the cost of straightening treatments and products can also accumulate quickly. A single session of straightening in a salon may cost as much as $800 in the U.S. depending on the type of treatment. And products like hair straightening irons, serums, and relaxers may add another $100 to the whole cost. 

According to a study, women spend $877 on average yearly, with 71% of the money spent on hair products. Over the years, this could become a significant hit to your wallet. Embrace your natural curls today, and your bank account will thank you tomorrow. By accepting the hair texture you were born with, you are reclaiming the time and money wasted on a treatment that may cause potential health risks in the long run.

Instead, adopt a simplified and personalized hair care routine that focuses on moisturizing and defining your curls. Invest in products such as curl creams and leave-in conditioners to enhance your hair’s natural texture while saving money in the long run.

3. Environmental Impact

Believe it or not, the harmful chemicals in hair straightening products can cause environmental harm when washed down the drain. Moreover, the single-use plastic packaging, gloves, and other such items associated with hair straightening products contribute to the growing plastic pollution on our planet.

Embracing your natural curls means adopting a more eco-conscious hair care routine. Go the extra mile by choosing products with natural and biodegradable ingredients. It’s even better if you can find products that come in recyclable or reusable containers. Consider using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, which are easy on hair and the environment. Make conscious choices to maintain your curl while being mindful of your impact on the planet.

It’s clear now that embracing natural curls and ditching hair straightening products signifies embarking on a journey of self-acceptance and empowerment. The time is ripe now to celebrate your curls and join the growing movement to reclaim your authentic selves. 


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