Unraveling the Secret to an Unbeatable SEO Workflow with ChatGPT – English

Unraveling the Secret to an Unbeatable SEO Workflow with ChatGPT - English

 hello and welcome to this very quick and simple tutorial to
writing long-form content using chat GPT a lot of my content is based around
making listical articles so I wanted to give people a way to make longer form
content the first thing you’re going to need is you’re going to need a i a i p
r m for chat GPT the reason that we’re going to be using this is because it
just makes everything a little bit easier a little bit quicker etc etc so what
I’ve got here is the extension and I actually just tried this one right at the
top here today or it might be in yeah it was this one here the second one so
fully SEO optimized article

I actually just tried this one right

 including FAQs this has 434 000 views 322
000 comments and 11 000 uploads so clearly has it’s clearly a very popular way
to create content which is why I’m going to be trying it out in this article  and I did try out today and it works very very
well however if you thought this article  was just going to be this then you are going
to be pleasantly surprised because I’m going to show you how to do everything
in this article  including making
everything just very very quick so the first thing you’re going to want to do
is you’re going to want to find a keyword if you don’t know how to get onto
Google ads Keyword

 Planner in order to find keywords then
please take a look at the description where there will be a article  explaining how to set it up and explaining the
basics of how I use it basically in the most basic form what I like to do is I
like to set the language to English obviously and I like to set the country to
United States and I just like to write like literally the most broad thing you
can think of in your Niche so something like mail fashion okay and what this
does is it tells Google ads Keyword Planner generally

 what you’re thinking of writing and what
it normally does is it gives you something like this which is an absolutely
amazing keyword 90s outfit men has up to 100 000 searches every month but
another thing you can do is you can do three month change and you can look for
keywords here I personally think that the whole plus 900 keywords are the best
so what I’m actually going to be doing though is I’m going to be using the
keyword that I found today which was resort resort where Resort wear for men
what does that mean it means what do you wear when you go on vacation basically
now’s a decent

Resort where it has up to 10 000 searches

 amount searches every month uh as you can
see here where is the men men’s Resorts I just saw it men’s Resort where it has
up to 10 000 searches every month I think it was something like 5 600 when I
checked it and all I did today was I just literally put the focus keyword in
this and it wrote the article for me what this does is it gives you a clickable
title it gives you a clickable meta description and it gives you a really well
laid out article which we can very very quickly and very very easily then make
into a full article this appears to have only given me the outline which is not
what I want but technically this would actually do as an article because
sometimes you can write articles like this guys okay however

 this is not what I want so I’m going to
click new chat and I’m going to see why this is not what I want uh I have no
idea why it didn’t give me an article so let’s just try this other one where I
can actually get an article so this one is giving me titles and it’s giving me
a table of contents which I actually do not need but we may as well keep the
table of contents anyway you can see already this is producing much more
content than if you use one of my prompts the reason for that is my prompts do
many different things like for example one of the things my prompt does is
automatically add internal links which is

 obviously very very useful okay but
sometimes we just want content and a lot of content so that’s actually what I’m
doing in this specific article  right now
okay so this thing is still going which is actually kind of a little bit
ridiculous at this point um yeah so let’s see how many words we’ve we’re
working with here and I’m going to show you a few other tricks to save yourself
ridiculous amounts of time using my methods so what you want to do is you want
to open a dock and you want to just go into a fresh Google Document okay and
then just paste just paste it straight up and then first thing you want to do
is you want to delete these uh formatting errors that come from copying and
pasting directly from chat GPT so there’s that one and there’s that one okay so
these should be the only splits in the article

I’ve deleted them this should now be a fairly complete

 right here so once I’ve deleted them this
should now be a fairly complete article already let’s Click On Tools let’s come
from word count 1258 words just written incredibly quickly for a good keyword
good content it has the FAQs it has titles already so you can see that this is
already incredibly quick but let’s make it even quicker what I’m going to do is
I’m going to go on Microsoft designer which I’ve been using recently to create
all of my blog featured images I love this tool it makes everything so much
quicker for me and we’re already here so what I’m going to do is I’m going to
say a Shopify featured image blog post for a Blog for an article called Resort
where for men okay and then let’s click on my


 media basically just upload one of your
pictures okay I uploaded this one today we have incredibly good photographers
at work guys so you may or may not have seen that the website has been updated
okay uh if you’re new to my channel I’m working on this website right now two
men dot it we’ve got new photos it looks incredible shout out to my
photographer really really well done and yeah so

 basically I have all of these images
already and all I have to do is just choose one of these customize design oh I
can send invites to people I might do that to my people the people in my
Discord so if you want to join my Discord guys there will be a link also in the
description basically press remove Watermark you can change things up a little
bit I personally like it as it is so we’ll  it I don’t know if the image
is loaded here but I’m just going to pretend that it


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