Unlocking Magic: Creating 100% Original Content Using Newsomatic Automatic Post Generator


How To Magically Create 100% Original Content With The Newsomatic Automatic Post Generator - English

today I’m going to be teaching you how to create content
without actually creating content right now a lot of you have seen some of my success
in Google AdSense that is because I often strive to make sure that I make
everything green when I and my friends started AdSense we only focused on less
stress and

 so much of green money our definition of green money is when you
have created a platform or a system that continually generates income for you
without so much of your input right and when I started using this particular what
I call it strategy I love using strategies it really changed a lot of things
because I’m able to just relax and create original content the world is
original you can create however amount of words that you saw choose to create now
if you know me well you know I like zebras that’s why you

Anvato market

 can see zebras on my
screen and let’s get started so the first thing I want you to do is just to go
to um the browser and I have opened anvato market and then anvato Market you get
a lot of plugins teams resource files Etc the list goes on and on you can even get
application and web script on here right I was just surfing and a friend of mine
told me about this plugin it’s called new somatic automatic News Post generator
plugin right now when I bought mine it was a little bit pricey but I think the
price is about 27.50 US dollars and what this plugin does is that it gives you
a license right the creator of this shout

 out to this person this group of um
coders their name is code Revolution I will tell you I’m shouting them out
because this plugin works like magic right so what this plugin actually does is
that it’s it they have a system right where they gather content so content from
the top best new sources so we have CNN ABC whatever so many new sources that
has been created on their systems or servers now when you get an API you
connect to that server and then those content are brought onto your website now
why I say it’s original is because this plugin has so many features an example
of the future is that it can

 paraphrase content so when you get content from
let’s say an external sources can paraphrase it in a way and manner that makes
it looks like it’s an original content that is really smart right and all you
have to do is just to give it some set of rules and the Roses or in about an
hour I wanted to get 20 content so I wanted to Source out 20 good content for
me right and import it onto my website in my name so it’s going to be you as
the author that will be generating this content let me give you an

Code Revolution

 example I
have this website of mine um EVS for Africa I’m still working on it and all
this content on this website I have never I don’t even know all of the content
I I have never written or I’ve never come here to say I want to you know write
some content never how this work is by doing this so you come here so what you
need to do is just to go to top news and post and once it loads you’re going to
give it some sort of rules now I’m going to show you some of the rules that
I’ve given to read here so these are some of my rules okay so what is the ID
you’re going to give it an ID then what new source would you like it to Source
the article from there are thousands of new sources here you can from any
Source be

 the most prolific and the best of the best news um you know channels
Etc even your local channels you can get and the icing on the cake is that
these can actually write content in different languages I’ll show you how now I
have set my rules in every hour I would like you to get five content on a particular
topic and this is my role now I said get content on the topic EVS right and
would you like it to exclude from some countries or a few countries list them
here I don’t I’m not excluding from any country what

 language would you like I
was just talking about this this has well Over 20 Languages if not more than that
so if you’re writing your content in Dutch if you’re writing your content in French
you have no problem at all now I would say that this is not sponsored right I’m
not getting sponsored by any of this um plugins that I promote I see something
good that I use I recommend it to you go ahead and do what you want to do with
it right so if you keep scrolling hey you gotta generate the title how would
you like

 the title to be like so if you leave it like this it’s gonna just come
out as the title on the new source right so you want to make sure that it’s a
little bit different I’ll be explaining this when I’m showing you how to
configure the rules right so this is the content how what name would you like
it to be published as I want to be publishing my name if you want it to be
published as a random user I don’t know why you would ever want to do that so
leave it and then once you finish setting up all of the rules you can even set
how many words you would like it’s crazy right see there’s a place where you
could set how many words so you could this is the way it is so limits content
words to just 800. you can have to do a

Limits content words

 thousand thousand two hundred but bear
in mind that this is going to be dependent on the amount of uh uh content or
amount of words that the new source is actually written so you don’t expect the
plugin to get to 1200 words from a 500 word article right so it’s very
important that we understand all of this so I want to get some content so all I
need to do just select an action run this Rule now it’s going to ask me on my
show and I’m gonna say yes just give it a little bit of time to Source out for
the content or else it’s sorting out for the content I want us to see all the
contents that I have here the last time I published was in December 1st 2002 so
you’re going to be saying that it’s going to be a whole set of new content so

 five content specifically now okay so we have the green check mark means that
our content has been um sourced all you have to do is just to refresh your page
and then boom our content has been created now let’s open this in a new tab when
I said this works like magic I wasn’t capping right so if it’s for Africa
report remember this is the title hello Infinity there’s used fans Pokemon map
blah blah blah and then once you it’s able to load it even comes with the image
you can set it to come with a featured

 image this is a featured image from the
new source all right so you read this content it makes a whole lot of sense
I’ve I’ve been through this and it also comes with um interlinkins now if you
are a smart guy all you have to do is just to open these links in new tabs get
their content and Interlink it to your website right this is how you pull up
content this is how you create original content now you must be a little bit
smart about this because Google is definitely smarter than you I’m very sure I
will have some people in the comments say no Google is going to catch you now
if you’ve sat down to understand Google and

Featured image from the new source

 how their policy works if you are a
smart person you should be able to find or generate content out of this every
news platform they recycle content so if 59 people died in Ukraine today you
realize that ABC is going to say 59 people died in a different way in a different
tone and manner CNN is going to say the same thing but a different Auto so when
I tell you that you can recycle content make sure you add a little bit of spice
to it and that is exactly what is plugin will do for you now let’s look at how
many content what are the other content I saved this is another one so bear in
mind that if you look at the date just focus on the date this is January 14th
just today January 14th of time of recording this video and

 this is another one
let’s open this in a new tab and then boom wants it to open I get to see a
brand new content every single time bear in mind that this is automatic right
so when I say automatic the content have been generated by itself I only showed
you guys by selecting an action to run it now so you can decide to select your
rule right now but then I’ve set the hours so in every hour I need to generate
five content five new content per hour so yeah if you’re interested in me
teaching you how to make use of this platform I like to see your comment below
and if you’ve got any value from this content I would

Brand new content

 like you to click on the
Subscribe Button as well so what I’m deciding to do today is to show you the
power of the new somatic plugin right I’m going to be showing you how to use it
but if you want me to show you how to use it and in this video to get up to a
thousand likes if this video can get up to a thousand likes I’m gonna show you
how to use it on different websites different topics different

 categories I’m
going to break it down for you and all you have to do is just to follow along
and if this video gets up to a thousand likes I’m gonna definitely make another
video showing you how I’m having more than 20 different categories here that
I’m using and all I do is just to relax whilst the AdSense money is being
generated people are really in fresh content every single time I am never
content dry so if you’re interested hit the like button and subscribe and I’ll
catch you on the next one  

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