Revealing an Exclusive SEO Life Hack – A Secret You Shouldn’t Miss

"Revealing an Exclusive SEO Life Hack - A Secret You Shouldn't Miss"

 Hello and welcome to
this very quick and easy tutorial for using chatgpt to find blog post topics to
build topical Authority let’s just get straight into this what I’m going to be
doing is I’m going to be using my site map which you can normally find at your
website slash sitemap.xml if you can’t find it like that you may have to try a
different a couple of different things to find it first of all you can do sites
and then your website and then just try writing sitemap my site map is not
indexed so this doesn’t work another thing you can do is you can go to search console
and on search console normally you will have or you

 should have your site map right
here or a few site Maps if there are more than one sitemap you should always
submit all your sitemaps okay if you can’t find it using any of those methods
go into the back end of your WordPress or whatever and try and find them there
but generally speaking it should be fairly easy to make or to find once you’ve
found it what you can do is we’re going to get our blogs here

 so our English
blog so it’s this one here and we’re going to copy and paste this into the
address bar like that which will open this I’m going to grab all of these and
I’m going to go straight into a Google sheet I’m going to show you how to clean
this data real quick so what you do is you paste it all and then you click here
and you right click here and you do sort doesn’t matter if you sort uh Zed or whatever

Maps if there are more than one sitemap 

 might be for some reason that hasn’t copied properly so let’s just do this
again let’s copy it like this instead I don’t know what has happened here I
have no idea why this isn’t working I I have no idea why but for some reason my
text was white I definitely didn’t do that okay so sort by Zed to um to a and
then that’ll put all of your blogs together like this copy this again and then
paste this again and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to do Ctrl f and
I’m going to open this these three little things here I’m going to find lot and
I’m going to replace it with nothing like that and then I’m going to find slash
lock and I’m gonna replace it with nothing like that that is now the clean data
which is what we want for chat GPT so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go
back to chat GPT and I’m going to say something like

 this I want  okay
so I haven’t really worked on any prompts for this I’m just gonna roll with
this and see what happens okay so let’s see what we’ve got here the art of
layering how to wear your favorite kit on pieces in multiple ways I like that that’s
a really interesting article sustainable fashion I’m gonna rate these honestly
from my perspective of what if I had thought of this blog post idea or not and
then we can maybe check some keywords as well sustainable fashion the best
eco-friendly Italian menswear brand that would be good if we had more eco-friendly
Brands but yeah we don’t I don’t think they’re very eco-friendly anyway
dressing for Success The Ultimate Guide to power dressing the workplace that is
a those are 10 out of 10 right there the Resurgence of vintage how to
incorporate classic menswear pieces into your wardrobe I like that the ultimate
men’s style guide to attending a black tie

super super in that is an 11 out of 10

 event so that is super super in that
is an 11 out of 10. this is I know that this topic is huge Okay the reason I
know this is because I’ve already written an article about this I know how many
people are searching for this okay oh my God that’s here so because I have this
um on the first page I can see how many people are searching for this every
month in the search console I’ll tell you now it’s thousands if not tens of
thousands okay so the fact that chat EPT has identified that we do not have
this article

 because I haven’t written one for two men yet whereas I have one
for eye suits which is the other company uh the other part of the business that
I work for I do SEO for two websites okay right now I’m focusing on two men
before for the last two years I was focusing on eye suits okay um so the fact
that it’s managed to pick this out as a potential blog post idea I can tell you
right now that this method

 Works incredibly well because number five is an
amazing keyword it is an amazing keyword the perfect pair matching your suit
with the right dress shoes this is also a really good article the only problem
is we don’t have a lot of dress shoes at the moment I don’t think we have any
dress shoes but that’s fine Italian led the best uh designer leather jacket
brands for men that’s also really good casual Fridays

 dressing down with
compromising style that’s another without compromising style that’s another
really good one from office to happy hour versatile outfit ideas for after work
drinks that’s another really good idea honestly the rise of streetwear the best
Italian streetwear brands for men that’s also an incredibly good idea I’m just
gonna say give me another 10 I want to see if this keeps going tailoring
Secrets tips

 for achieving the perfect fit in your suits and dress shirts
that’s a really good one that is a really really good one the evolution of
men’s fashion a history of Italian menswear from 1950s to the present day that
could be okay it’s not really it doesn’t have as many buyer um options in there
the power of color how to incorporate bold Hues into your wardrobe this is a
really really good timeless style the best

Italian menswear pieces that never go out 

 Italian menswear pieces that never
go out of fashion okay the perfect summer suits this is really good as well and
designs for warm weather made in Italy exploring the craftsmanship and quality of
Italian menswear Brands this is good I think I already have an article similar
to that [Applause] um number seven’s good number eight is good number nine I
already have done and number ten I’ve never done

 okay so only two of these
articles I would say I would argue are here already so that’s super interesting
so that was for blogs let’s see what happens if we do the same thing but with
another topic so this is going to be a live test uh just like I did yesterday
you might um you may or may not know that I like

 doing live tests I don’t
always like to plan things first oh the text is white because it’s white there
now I understand I was really confused by that okay so let’s grab these these
are my collections now I want to see if this is possible I don’t know if it’s
possible I want to know if it can give me some ideas for collections because I
am always looking for new Collections and I just want to

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