Mastering the Art of Writing AI Content That Google Love


Mastering the Art of Writing AI Content That Google Love

Do you know that you can write 100% human written content
through shared GPT? How? I am going to share that with you in this video So if
you are working with a client, working in an office or running your blogging
career You can take a lot of benefit from this method and generate a very
handsome amount every month I am going to guide you on how you can write a complete
human written content or SEO optimized content or a topical article according
to your needs which is the need of Google and user And this content will be
written by following some steps That is, we write simple that act as a blogger
expert and write a 500 word unique article No, we will write it as per our wish
In this, some

Human written content through shared GPT?

 steps will be followed which I am going to share step by step
with you So you have to watch the video till the end, don’t miss any step Do
you want a website with a complete free premium theme and plugin which costs at
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you have to click on the button of claim deal here Or

 you can choose any of
these premium hosting business or cloud startup After choosing, a new page will
open in front of you Where you can choose any package from 12 months to 48
months So if you choose 12 months, then below you will see the credit card
paper and Google Pay AliPay through payment solution You have to use the coupon
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 Simply you have
to give a credit card here and submit it Once your hosting is bought, then you
have to come back to this link And you have to submit the form given here And
free premium themes and plugins will be installed on your website You can
contact the number given on the screen for more information Now the screen is
open in front of you and you have to follow some steps to write this kind of
article I am going to share those steps with you What you have to do is to save
these steps with you

Articles you write I am 100% confident 

 So that you can follow this procedure for all the articles
you write I am 100% confident that you will not find this kind of content anywhere
So you have to open chatgpt which is an AI tool and the link is given in the
description of this video And there you have to write I want you to write Now
here you have to write the topic which is your topic An SEO optimized article
or blog post Okay Blog post about So here your topic will come Okay, on which
ever you want to write 5 ways to make money blogging

 with AI Okay Or 5 ways to
make money with blogging AI Or ways Or how to Rather how to will be better How
to make money blogging with AI in 2023 Okay Here you have to write You can
question about this that I have 3.5 and 4 as a paired version So that’s why But
if you do it with 3.5, it will be very unique Right After this what you have to
write I don’t want you to write it yet But please confirm if you

 understand Okay
What is the reason that we are giving him a step in this That I want to get an
article written from you But you don’t have to write an article yet Because I
am going to share some steps with you By following which we will write a full
article You will do it by pressing the enter button ChatGPT will tell us here Yes,
I understand that you want me to write an SEO optimized blog post About how to
make money blogging with AI in 2023 Please let me know when you are ready for
me to proceed with writing the blog post Done Now I will take the second step I
will google my topic If I have some

 information, I want to add it in that
article I will add those things Now this article is in front of you You can
also take a point from google That this point should be in this article And if
you want, you can also target people ask questions I copied this from here Because
this is the article that people are searching And it has been taken from
different blogs So there are more chances of ranking it So you can either take
an outline from google It will be in your mind Or target this one specifically Okay
I will come here And I will give a new point here again So what will happen now
I will give the next tip In this article you should answer the following
questions Please do not write anything yet But confirm if you

 understand Yeah
but confirm you understand Okay You understand And I copied the question from
google I pasted it here and clicked the ok button Now I am feeding it that I
want content Like this So it is telling me that I understood your first step I
have also understood your second step Now we will feed it in the third way It
will give a very good human touch to this article So the third step is Now this
is the most amazing step This third and fourth If you want to add the fourth
one Then add it If you don’t want to add it Then it doesn’t matter Here we will
do internal linking So what we do in internal linking

AI will help us automatically To do

 Normally we add content
by ourselves It won’t be like this here AI will help us automatically To do the
best anchor text or internal linking How can we adjust the already existing
content of our website So I am going to show you Follow the next step Suppose I
want to add this article to the one which is being written So what I will do I
will write here I will feed it again And I will write I also want you to
include already anchored text Anchored hyperlink within the text for the below
article For the below article I

 am telling it that you have to embed the below
article here Do not write yet but confirm you understand Now what we are doing We
are feeding it It is telling that these things have to be added You don’t have
to write it yet The steps are getting a little long But you have to check the
quality of the content Now I will pick up the article here The truth about
affiliate marketing Which I have written on smite blogger By the way, you can
visit smite blogger on a regular basis You will get the best kind of content

Promote an affiliate product

is done on a regular basis I will copy the URL of this I will paste it here If
I want to submit another article here Then I can submit another article here As
many as you want I have done one More than enough And it is in front of you Now
I will press the enter button And this AI will tell me Yes, I understand that
you want me to include An anchored text hyperlink for the below article AI
understood up to here Now if you want to promote an affiliate product in this So
what is the way to do that You follow this text I also want you to include an
external link to the product That I am promoting So the contextual text will be
You know I recommend Suppose this product ABC Hostinger The way I

 promote So if
you buy the hosting of Hostinger From the link given in the description Then
you get free premium themes and plugins Paired version of it So I can do it in
the same way So suppose I do it I also want you to include an external link to
the product I also want you to include an external link to Hostinger hosting
recommendation That I promote on my blog Please confirm if you understand External
link With below text and link Hostinger I recommend I recommend Hostinger
hosting And I will add its link So if you buy hosting from it We give you free
premium themes and plugins You

 already know about it Link is available in the
description And I will click on ok I understand that you want me to include an
external link to Hostinger with the text I recommend Hostinger hosting All done
We have done the feed up to here Our work is done And now what we have to do We
are ready for writing a human written content And you will check its quality So
now we are ready We are ready Right Let’s write 500 words or 700 words Unique
SEO optimized article Ok And enter Now you can

Blogging with AI in 2023 

 see that articles have started
writing How to make money blogging with AI in 2023 In the ever evolving world
of digital marketing One question remains constant You can still make money
from blogging in 2023 The answer is a spoiling yes Despite whatever you see Content
is being written in the best way Selection of words you see Targeting 2023 And
after that chat gpt 4 is being talked about Because content is being written
from it And if you see its AI The beginning and people have recognized it That
happened after the arrival of chat gpt 3 So you can see that content is being
written in a very good way Firstly, AI can help you to automate content
creation AI power content generator such as jupiter highly Secondly, AI can be
used for personalized marketing AI powered plugin and

 application can be
analyzed So it is being written in a very good way We will stop this video here
So the article is being written but I have to show you two things that I told
him. One, the subject of affiliate marketing, I highly recommend you check out
the informative piece titled The Truth About Affiliate Marketing which offers
an in-depth  259 0:10:13,800 –>
0:10:04,000 when the entire article is written, we will share it with you. explanation
of the topic. It was covered very well. Second, the honest power

 of I recommend
investing in reliable hosting for your blog such as Hostinger, I recommend
Hostinger hosting renowned for its excellent customer service and robust
capabilities that accommodate the demand of the blog. So you see, it is written
very well. Now, if your article is complete in this word, otherwise you can
write here, please continue and your article will be completed. Now I would
like to check whether this article is SEO optimized or not. So I will come here
and search in GPT 0, which

Google, research-based content 

 checks your AI content. By the way, there is no
need, Google itself considers this thing and understands that this is not a big
deal. Now I copied it from here and pasted it here and get result. And here you
can see that your text is likely to be written entirely by a human. That is,
your entire content is written by a human. Keep one thing in mind that even if
your content is not written by a human, it is a research-

based content. And
according to Google, research-based content will be ranked in Google. AI
doesn’t matter because of the new update according to which Google thinks that
it is difficult to run without AI. And that’s why they have allowed AI to write
content. But proper research, human touch is very necessary. And that’s why I
always recommend you to buy a surfer SEO tool which optimizes your

Written entirely by a human

 content. So
I hope you liked today’s video. If you liked it, then like it. Not only like,
but an appreciation comment also matters a lot. And if you can share it with
your friends, how you can utilize shared GPT and how you can write a better
quality content, I have shared that method with you. With this, I wind up this
video. I will meet you again with a new video. Take care of yourself. Remember
me in your prayers. Dalla Bahman.  

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