How ChatGPT writes content that ranks 1 on Google – English

How ChatGPT writes content that ranks 1 on Google - English

 hello and welcome back to my channel in this article  I thought it’d be a good idea to go from A to
B to posting an article let’s get straight into it I’m going to be using this
prompt here but I’m going to be changing the prompt because I’ve already
written this article and I want to show you the process of changing the prompt
using chat gpt to write the article using my automatic Linker adding
collections using hura and then posting it to Shopify this will give you the
ultimate look at how to actually do what I’ve been telling you to do for the
last few weeks let’s get into it so the first part of this process is to find a
decent keyword which I’m going to be using Google ads Keyword Planner for if
you do not know

 how to set up Google ads Keyword Planner
to give you keywords then there is a article  in the description that shows you exactly how
to do that but basically I like to put it on English and United States and I’m
just going to type in Italian Brands here because obviously we sell Italian
Brands what I’m looking for is anything with a decent amount of searches every
month that is relevant to our brand as you can see here I can already see a
really really good keyword that I would like to use which is Affordable Italian
clothing brands this is a perfect keyword okay but I’m gonna have to design The
Prompt perfectly because not all of the brands that we sell would appreciate
being called affordable in fact I would probably get told off if I used the
word affordable for a brand like cesare atalini or kit on so what I’m going to
do is I’m going to delete this entire part of the prompt and we’re going to
prompt it

 even further so it does say Italian
clothing brands so I’m going to actually change this to Italian style because
some of our brands are Italian style but they’re not actually Italian Brands
like Hugo Boss for example if you look at Hugo Boss suit it’s a very Italian
style suit but the manufacturer is actually

 German so what I normally do is I normally
go on the website that I’m working for and I look to see which ones we could
call Affordable so key dead we can call Affordable boss we can call Affordable
so let’s make a little list of this so we set key that we said boss we said
Marco escarolo probably wouldn’t call premiata actually let’s copper Miata
Audible um why not really that affordable but I just want more keywords so
Timberland is fine um Woolwich Kansas so you can get a nice fairly priced uh

 sweater you can get a suit for about 500
Euros so yes and Bob and Napoli okay and then I’m going to take this back into
here and I’m going to paste it here so I have a reference point and then we’re
gonna say key dead and then in brackets for their collection of cashmere and
for codes price [Music] like comma the comma here is super important because it
tells um chaji PT this this is now the next brand so Bros boss for the um Urban
were and various pieces what else do we sell from boss I want them to
specifically mention uh sneakers I guess various pieces including sneaker um or
the collection of classic dress pants this is all coming from my brain okay all
of this knowledge comes from my brain this is

 what I keep telling people you can’t write
about something if you don’t really know about it okay even if you’re using
chat GPT from Miata for the wonderful is the best in in they’re not really
affordable tramadosa at all I’m just putting them on this list because I want
to sell Tylenol so that makes sense

 Similan for their High performance outdoor
boots and Gran Sasso all of that Ash that’s a good price so this is how I build
my prompt every single time pretty much it’s artorio Napoli or there artorial
suits and Blazers at a good price and then Barbara Napoli or their modern hoodies
okay so this is now the prompt and what we’re going to do is we’re going to
copy the prompt I want to show you quickly at the bottom of the prompt here it
does have this right with full markdown titles and formatting lists where
possible and start with a clickable title okay so chat GPT let’s go let’s just
cop The Prompt let’s hope it’s not too

 many keywords it’s not I have chat GPT
premium as you can see this thing is killing it it’s it’s going through this so
quickly I don’t like how little information is under each title here so I’m
gonna have to tell it to generate a little bit more content okay so last time
when I just got it to generate you just saw that it only gave me one line per
paragraph So um at the bottom I’m going to say please write a paragraph or a
brand then we’re going to try it yeah as an Italian luxury reseller two man is
dedicated to bringing the best of Italian fashion to its customers well we
pride ourselves on offering top tier designer Brands we also recognize the need
for more affordable options they don’t sacrifice quality here we highlight some
of the best affordable Italian style clothing brands that we carry showing
their unique contributions to the world of fashion and yeah this is perfect
this is exactly what I wanted okay so I’m

 probably not going to look too much into
the actual article to make sure that it’s okay because I’ve got to the point
now where I kind of trust chat GPT this is the kind of growth that you can
expect if you follow the method that I’m showing you in this article  as you can see the website was started
probably about four months ago yeah three or four months ago and we’re at 6 000
daily Impressions 6 200 daily Impressions this is not even a Saturday or a
Sunday which is our best days this is a Thursday and it’s the most we’ve ever
had I’m gonna have a quick look at recently So Yesterday yeah it.


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