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Social Media Design Tips Create Bulk Posts Using Canva For SEO - English

we all know that managing a consistent social media presence
to connect with your audience is challenging whether it’s for Instagram
Facebook Twitter or any other platform constantly thinking of new content and
designing the post can be time consuming but after watching this video you will
be able to get both social media posts in no time yeah you heard it right you
don’t have to struggle to create content every single day the best part you
don’t have to be an expert in writing or graphic designing to do this so make
sure you watch this video till the end I’m Brian from website Learners and
let’s get

AI tool 

 started now to create bulk social media posts we are going to do
three steps the first step is to generate the content from Gravity right now
gravity right is an AI tool that will help us generate unique content for our
social media posts easily so regenerate the content let’s first create the
account on gravity right so just click the link below this video and you’ll get
this site now click on start writing for free then enter your details and then
click create account once you reach the graduated dashboard you can start
generating content for your post so to do that just go to social media content click
on social media post and here you need to enter the title for your post so I’m
going to enter 5 easy tips to make money online

 and click create content and
you can see that it has created content for our post once you have generated
the content you need to copy and paste it on a Google sheet which we will be
using later in the video so let’s go to the Second Step which is to add content
to a Google sheet to do that let’s open a Google sheet and enter the headings
you want I am going to enter the title and the number of tips once you have
done that to add the content in the sheet go to gravity right then copy the
title and paste it on the Google sheet then we’ll copy each tip one by one and paste
them into separate columns okay so now we’ve added the in the same way we will
generate more content and add it to the Excel sheet to do that just go back to
gravity right and here you can enter the new title for your post and click on

 content and now we can add the content to the Google sheet okay so we
have generated content for five different posts and added them to this sheet
once I’ve added the content to the Google sheet let’s go to the final step
which is to create the post designs in bulk we’re going to use a tool called
canva because it has a feature which can create multiple posts in notepad so
just click the link below this video and create your account on canva once you
do that first we’ll choose a template for our post so let’s click on the search
bar and enter the topic for your post so I’m going to search for tips and

Different templates to choose

 and as you can see we have got different templates to choose from I am
going to choose this one and click on customize then it will take you to this
page where you can edit the post you want in any way you want once you have
chosen the template we need to add the content from Google sheet to canva so to
do that go to apps scroll down and click on Bell create here you will get two
options to add your

 content the first one is to enter the data manually second
one is to upload a CSV since you already prepared a Google sheet with data we
will upload that here so to do that let’s go back to our Google sheet and
download it in a CSV format just go to file then go to download choose the CSV
option and the sheet will be downloaded to your computer once you have done
that just go back to canva then click on upload CSV select the CSV file which
we downloaded and click open as you can see our headings

 on the sheet have been
identified here after uploading your CSV file you need to connect this data to
these elements for example let’s say inside of this title you want to have the
title which you added in the sheet to do that just right click on this text then
go to connect data and select the title from the list and as you can see the
red light has been connected in the same way we will connect the data to the
remaining elements so let’s connect this text for tip one and then we will do
the same for other tips once you have connected the data to the elements click
continue and you can see that canva has identified the five posts that we had
in our Google sheet so if we click on this button and scroll down you can see
that canvas successfully created the post designs in bulk now we have created
these post designs by

Purchasing canva pro

 purchasing canva probe and you can click here to get the
pro version of canva okay next let’s see how you can edit these posts so let’s
say you want to change the image in this post all you have to do is click on
the image delete it then click on photos and here you can see that we have different
images to choose from if you don’t have ideas for what kind of image you want
to add you can directly get ideas from Gravity right so let’s go there and you
can see that gravity right is also suggested what kind of image can be uploaded
for our post so let’s copy this text go back to canva paste it here and now you
can see that these images are better than the ones we had before so we have got
different images related to the

 search and you can select the one you like I’m
gonna choose this one so let’s drag it and drop it here and as you can see the
image has been changed in the same way you can change all the images you want
in this design okay so now you know how to change the image if you want you can
further customize the design by changing the font size color alignment and more
okay so now we are supposedly created the social media posts in Bud once you
have created the post if you want to download them you can just click on share click
download and all your posts will be downloaded to your computer okay now that
you know how to create social media posts in bulk next let’s see how we can
schedule these posts online canva has a special feature that allows us to
schedule our posts online also it makes our work easier okay let’s see how we
can schedule our post so just go to the Home tab

Content planner

 then click on apps and select
content planner so just go to the date when you want to schedule the post click
on the plus icon then click on your projects now if we click on the drop down you
can see all the five posts that have been selected so if you want to schedule all
these posts at once you can leave them selected otherwise unselect them and
choose the specific post you want to schedule I am going to schedule only the first
post so let’s select it next we need to connect our social media account to
canva to do that let’s click here and select the social media platform on which
you want to share the post I’m

 going to share it on Instagram so let’s select
that click connect then click on continue click next then click done and click
ok so now you’ve connected our Instagram account to canva once you have done
that select your Instagram account here if you want you can enter a caption for
your post and click on schedule now if you click on this post you can see that
we have successfully scheduled the post in the same way we can schedule other
posts too so once you have done that your post will be shared on

 Instagram page
on the date and time that you selected now if we go to our Instagram page you
can see the post that’s been successfully shared so this is how you can schedule
your post and then share it on the social media platforms okay so that’s it
guys now you know how you can create both social media posts so what are you
waiting for just click the links below the video and start generating unique

 create a social media post using gravity right and design your posts on
canva with gravity right you can create content for a limited number of words
but if you want to create more content you can update the plan by purchasing it
also make sure you subscribe to website learners for more videos like this one now
if you’re looking to create animation videos then you can watch this video or
if you want to make YouTube videos using AI then click here so thanks for
watching I’ll see you guys in the next video take care bye  

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