Comparing the Top 6 Web Hosting Companies for WordPress in 2023


Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2023 (Top 6 Companies Compared) - English

guys I need your help I am trying to find the best hosting for my WordPress website
so please share your recommendations Brian host later is the best hosting you will
get free SSL and a freedom mind for a year no b2hosting is the best daily backups
included I think you should go for blue daddy hosting because free migration
and 50 GB storage wow there are so many options out here but you know what let
us find a solution to this problem by finding the best hosting Provider by there are thousands of Hosting providers out there and choosing the right
hosting for your website can take a lot of time and effort so to make it easier
we have researched and picked the top six hosting providers which have servers
in India and in this video we will test these hosting

WordPress website

 providers and show you
the best hosting for WordPress with live results okay so let’s get started we took
one website and put it on six different hosting providers and tested them one
by one for Speed uptime customer support and features and in this video Let’s
just and see how these hosting providers are let’s start with the first part of
this video which to test the speed of each hosting provider this is the website
which I have hosted on these platforms and all of these sites are the exact
copies of each other so this means when we test the speed of these

 sites any
difference in speed will be due to the hosting provider we are using I am going
to test these sites using a tool called GD metrics so let’s go to gtmetrix.com and
here we need to enter the sites URL which we are going to test so first let’s
take the speed of this website which is hosted on hostinger so let’s go to the
site copy this URL paste it here okay now here you need to select from where
you need to test your site speed so depending on where you test your website
the speed can vary since our hosting providers have servers in India let’s
select India and click analyze now GD metrics will test the website’s performance
and as you can see we have got the results now if we scroll down here you can
see that the site loaded in 2.1 seconds which is quite good actually okay so

 hostinger has loaded aside in 2.1 seconds in the same way let’s check the speed
of other hosting providers so next Let’s test the speed of webspace kit now
this is the site which we hosted on web face kit so let’s copy this URL paste
it here and click analyze and as you can see webspace kit has loaded our site
in 1.8 seconds which is excellent next let’s take HostGator so like we did
before just copy this URL paste it here and click analyze and you can see that
HostGator has loaded our site in 5.9 seconds which is a bit slow next let’s
check the fourth one on our list which is A2 hosting this is the site which we
hosted on A2 hosting now to check the speed of the site

Hosted on hostinger

 let’s copy and paste
the sites URL here now if we click analyze you can see that Ado hosting has
loaded our site in 2.7 seconds it’s pretty good next let’s take the fifth one
which is GoDaddy copy and paste the sites URL here now if we analyze this site you
can see that GoDaddy has loaded our site in 5.1 seconds which is not that great
next let’s take the last hosting provider which is Bluehost this is the site we
hosted on Bluehost now if we analyze the site you can see that Bluehost has
loaded the same site in 4.7 seconds okay so now we have completely

 checking the
speed of all these hosting providers as you can see webspace kit hostinger and
NATO hosting have the fastest load times while having a fast loading website
not only keeps your users engaged but also it helps it rank higher on Google so
if you’re looking for the best performance for your website we recommend going

 webspace kit hosting a and NATO hosting so now you know which host has the
best loading speed next let’s go to part two of this video which is to check
the uptime of each hosting provider uptime is the amount of time your website
is live on the internet sometimes your site might show something like this this
is because your hosting

 provider is facing downtime due to server error or
maintenance or any other reason for example let’s take a time of 30 days so
your site is live for all 30 days then the app time will be 100 percentage but
if your site was done for seven days then the uptime will be reduced having
downtime means you’re losing potential customers and

 that’s why a good hosting
provider should have up time closest to 100 dates to test the uptime of each
hosting provider we will be using a tool called status K so let’s go there now
here we need to enter these details first let’s check the uptime of hostinger so
retest it let’s copy the site’s URL and paste it here and then here you can
select how often you want to check if your site is up or not I want this tool
to check my site every 15 minutes so I’m

NATO hosting

 going to leave it at 15 minutes and
click create test and here you can see that our uptime test is running for the
site in the same way I have already added all the websites from each hosting
provider for testing and let’s run the test for 60 days and now let’s check the
results so these are the uptime figures for each hosting provider and as you
can see all the other hosting providers have 100 uptime except for hostinger
and hostinger is also a bit close

 to 100 which is great so now you know which
hosting provider gives you the best uptime next let’s go to the third part of
this video where we see the backup options of these hosting providers having
regular backups of your website will help you recover from any type of data
loss or other issues that might occur you can easily recover your site using a
backup in case you face any problems with plugins theme updates or if you
delete something

 important by mistake okay now you know why having a backup of
your website is important now let’s see what are the backup features provided
by each hosting provider so we’ll be checking whether they provide backup or
not is it daily or weekly and how easy it is to restore from a backup first
let’s check hosting this backup features now backup features may vary depending
on the plans we choose on every hosting provider we have selected the best plan
which can host multiple websites so in hostinger we have chosen this plan okay
now to check hosting

Multiple websites so in Hostinger 

 as backup features we need to go to admins panel so we are
now on the admin panel of hostinger and this is the place where the admin can
manage their hosting accounts notice the hosting as backup features let’s click
on manage here and as you can see hostinger provides you daily backup for your
website so just click manage and here you can see that hostinger gives you
these options for backup let’s check the first option with this you can restore
your website on a preferred date in one click so if we click here you can see
that hosting has created a backup of our site automatically every week so you
can select the date of backup and restore your website and your site will be
restored successfully

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