Bantam Bagels: Tiny Treats Taking Over Breakfast

Bantam Bagels


What are Bantam Bagels? Imagine biting into a warm, fresh bagel that fits right in the palm of your hand, filled with scrumptious cream cheese. That’s the enchantment of Peewee Bagels, a bite-sized bagel nibble that has taken the breakfast world by storm. These small delights are not as helpful but too stuffed with flavor, making them a favorite among active people and breakfast devotees alike.

The Rise to Popularity

Bantam Bagels burst onto the national scene after their appearance on the hit TV show “Shark Tank.” The introduction made a difference catapulting them from a small New York City bakery to a family title. With the backing of financial specialists and the excitement of unused fans, Undersized Bagels rapidly extended their reach. The founders’ energetic pitch and the interesting concept captivated watchers, driving to a surge in demand and an effective commerce organization with Lori Greiner.

Their appearance on “Shark Tank” wasn’t a fair commercial opportunity; it was a significant minute that approved their imaginative thought and brought their brand into the spotlight. The Oleksaks secured a bargain with Lori Greiner, who saw the potential in their item and given the direction and assets required to scale their operations. This association permitted Bantam Bagels to extend their generation capabilities and distribution organization, making their items available to a much more extensive audience.

What Makes Bantam Bagels Unique?

Bantam Bagels stand out because of their inventive concept: a filled bagel chomp. This one of a kind bend on a conventional bagel makes them helpful and mess-free, culminating for a fast breakfast or nibble. Furthermore, they come in an assortment of flavors, from classic plain to more courageous choices like French Toast and Jalapeño. The combination of a firm outside and a velvety inside makes a delightful surface and taste that keeps clients coming back for more.

Their bite-sized shape figure is not fair around comfort; it’s an intelligent reimagining of a breakfast staple that meets the needs of cutting edge shoppers. Whether you’re surging out the entryway in the morning, require a speedy nibble between gatherings, or need a special expansion to your brunch spread, Peewee Bagels fit the charge superbly. Their estimate moreover makes parcel control simpler, making a difference to those who are careful of their calorie intake.

The Founders’ Story

Nick and Elyse Oleksak, the energetic team behind Bantam Bagels, cleared out their Divider Road employment to seek after their culinary dreams. Propelled by their cherish for bagels and a crave to make something modern, they tested in their little Modern York loft kitchen until they culminated their bite-sized bagels. Their story is one of enthusiasm, tirelessness, and a touch of good fortune, demonstrating that awesome things can happen when you take after your dreams.

The Oleksaks’ journey wasn’t without its challenges. Leaving behind the solidness of their back careers, they confronted the vulnerability of beginning a commerce in an exceedingly competitive showcase. In any case, their enthusiasm for making a special item drove them forward. Endless hours of testing and refining their formulas inevitably led to the creation of Little Bagels, an item that combines the adored components of conventional bagels with a present day twist.

Product Range

The item run of Bantam Bagels is amazing. Their classic bagel nibbles incorporate flavors like Everything, Cinnamon Sugar, and Pretzel. Forte flavors offer an indeed broader palette, including mouth-watering choices such as Treats and Drain or the Churro. Regular and limited-edition flavors moreover make an appearance, keeping the item line new and energizing. Each flavor is made with care, guaranteeing an idealized adjustment of bagel and filling in each bite.

The variety advertised by Undersized Bagels guarantees that there’s something for everybody. Whether you have a sweet tooth or lean toward savory snacks, their lineup has you secured. The classic Everything flavor is a favorite for its commonplace taste, whereas alternatives like French Toast offer a delightful blend of cinnamon and sweetness. The regular flavors, such as Pumpkin Spice in the drop, include a component of astonish and keep clients energetically foreseeing unused releases.

Nutritional Information

Bantam Bagels are made with high-quality fixings. Whereas they are a top notch treat, it’s fundamental to consider their wholesome substance. They offer a not too bad adjustment of carbohydrates and protein, making them a way better alternative than numerous other fast breakfast choices. In any case, control is key, particularly for those observing their calorie admissions. Each bagel nibble ordinarily contains around 100-150 calories, with a few varieties depending on the flavor.

In addition to calories, Bantam Bagels give a humble sum of fiber and protein, which can offer assistance to keep you feeling full longer than a traditional bagel with a spread of cream cheese. For those with dietary limitations, it’s worth noticing that they contain gluten and dairy. In any case, the brand is ceaselessly investigating modern alternatives and formulas to cater to a more extensive extent of dietary needs.

Bantam Bagels

How to Appreciate Bantam Bagels

There are endless ways to appreciate Bantam Bagels. They can be savored as a fast breakfast on the go, a delightful nibble amid the day, or indeed as a portion of a brunch spread. Match them with a new container of coffee, a smoothie, or a few natural products for an adjusted dinner. For a more liberal treat, attempt warming them up somewhat to improve the rich filling and fresh exterior.

Bantam Bagels are flexible and can be delighted in different settings. Warm them up in the broiler for a few minutes to get that naturally heated taste, or pop them in the microwave for a fast nibble. They too make incredible appetizers for parties—simply serve them on a platter with a few new natural products and other bite-sized treats. Their compactness makes them idealize for school snacks, picnics, or indeed as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up at work.

Where to Buy Bantam Bagels

Bantam Bagels are broadly accessible at major retail areas such as Starbucks and select basic need stores. For those who favor online shopping, they can be acquired straightforwardly from the Little Bagels site or through different online retailers like Amazon. This far reaching accessibility makes it simple for anybody to appreciate these delightful nibbles, no matter where they live.

Starbucks played a noteworthy part in bringing Bantam Bagels to the masses. By highlighting them in their stores, Starbucks presented an endless client base to the comfort and flavor of these bite-sized bagels. Furthermore, associations with basic supply chains like Costco and Safeway have helped expand their openness, permitting clients to stock up on their favorite flavors amid standard shopping trips.

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DIY Bantam Bagels at Home

Feeling adventurous? You can attempt making Bantam Bagels at home with a few straightforward fixings and a few imagination. Here’s a speedy guide:


Bagel mixture, cream cheese (flavored or plain), fixings of your choice.


  • Roll out the dough and cut into little circles.
  • Fill each circle with a spoonful of cream cheese.
  • Fold the dough over the filling and squeeze the edges to seal.
  • Bake until brilliant brown and enjoy!

For best comes about, utilize a high-quality bagel mixture formula and test with distinctive cream cheese flavors and fixings. Making your claim Peewee Bagels at domestic can be a fun and fulfilling extent. You can customize the fillings to suit your tastes, from savory alternatives like smoked salmon and dill cream cheese to sweet treats like chocolate and hazelnut spread. The handle is generally basic, and it comes about beyond any doubt to inspire your family and friends.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Bantam Bagels have gotten rave surveys from clients who adore their comfort and flavor. Many appreciate the assortment of flavors and the quality of fixings. A few reactions incorporate the cost point and the estimate of the bagel chomps, but by and large, the criticism is overwhelmingly positive. Clients frequently laud the imagination behind the item and the steady quality over distinctive flavors.

Reviews as often as possible highlight the one of a kind concept and the comfort of Bantam Bagels. Active guardians, office laborers, and college understudies all discover them to be a speedy and fulfilling alternative for breakfast or a nibble. Whereas a few clients feel the cost is higher compared to standard bagels, numerous accept the quality and comfort justify the fetch. The brand’s responsiveness to client criticism and their ceaseless change endeavors too contribute to their positive reputation.

Bantam Bagels in Popular Culture

Since their rise to acclaim, Little Bagels have shown up in different media outlets and have been supported by a few celebrities. Their special item and motivating author story have made them a well known theme in both culinary and standard media. From highlights in way of life magazines to shout-outs from popular chefs, Bantam Bagels have ended up an adored brand.

Their travel from a little startup to a national brand has been secured broadly in trade magazines, nourishment blogs, and TV appearances. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey have embraced Bantam Bagels, assisting in boosting their notoriety. They’ve moreover made appearances at high-profile occasions and on prevalent cooking appearances, cementing their status as a stylish and desirable snack.

Sustainability and Moral Practices

Bantam Bagels is committed to maintainability and ethical practices. They source their fixings capably and have arrangements in put to diminish their natural impression. This commitment includes their request for upright shoppers. Endeavors incorporate utilizing locally sourced fixings where conceivable, minimizing squander in their generation prepare, and supporting community initiatives.

In expansion to sourcing high-quality fixings, Bantam Bagels too centers on moral labor practices and decreasing their carbon impression. They compete with providers who share their values and are persistently looking for ways to make strides in their supportability practices. This commitment to moral trade hones resounds with buyers who are progressively making obtaining choices based on a company’s natural and social impact.

Bantam Bagels

Future of Bantam Bagels

The future looks bright for Bantam Bagels. They proceed to improve with unused flavors and item lines. Extension plans incorporate expanding their retail nearness and investigating worldwide markets, guaranteeing that more individuals can appreciate their delicious bagel bites. Up and coming items might include new regular flavors, collaborations with other brands, and indeed modern nibble formats.

As Bantam Bagels develops, they stay centered on keeping up the quality and uniqueness of their items. Potential future improvements include extending their item run to incorporate gluten-free or vegetarian choices, as well as investigating modern groups like bagel sandwiches or smaller than expected bagel pizzas. Their commitment to development and client fulfillment will likely keep them at the bleeding edge of the nibble industry.


Bantam Bagels have captured the hearts and taste buds of numerous with their one of a kind concept and delicious flavors. Whether you’re a long-time fan or modern to the world of bagel nibbles, there’s something uncommon, almost Bantam Bagels that keeps individuals coming back for more. Their story of development, quality, and passion reverberates with food lovers everywhere.


What are Bantam Bagels?

Bantam Bagels are bite-sized bagels filled with different flavors of cream cheese, advertising a helpful and delicious snack option.

Are Bantam Bagels healthy?

They can be a portion of an adjusted count of calories when delighted in control, as they give a great blend of carbohydrates and protein.

Where can I purchase Bantam Bagels?

Bantam Bagels are accessible at Starbucks, select basic supply stores, and online through their site and other retailers.

Can I make Bantam Bagels at home?

Yes, you can make your claim adaptation of Bantam Bagels at home with bagel mixture, cream cheese, and your favorite toppings.

What is the most well known flavor of Bantam Bagels?

The Everything flavor is among the most well known, but numerous fans too cherish the Cinnamon Sugar and Pretzel flavors.

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