You Wont Believe What These Two Prompts Do chatgpt – English

You Wont Believe What These Two Prompts Do chatgpt - English

 welcome to this article  where I’m going to be giving you two chat GPT
prompts that are going to blow you away both of these chats GPT prompts are
perfect uses of chat GPT for SEO if you want to follow along with this article  please go to the description where you will
find this article where I’m going to show you exactly how I am doing what I’m
doing but without any further Ado let’s go to chat GPT this

 is of course chat
GPT premium and the first thing we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be
creating content with internal links already inside it this is something I’ve
been really really excited to bring to you guys and yeah let’s just see how
this actually works so let’s go to the um the the website my website and let’s
just copy and paste The Prompt let’s have a quick look at the prompt let’s have
a look at it here so write a blog post include as internal links using markdown
hyperlink keywords using links as the

Internal links use keyword Rich

 ahref might not make sense to you but
there should be at least six internal links use keyword Rich anchor text the
article is and then you can make a whatever article you want to write about you
can write about the following Brands okay this is the most important part of my
process right here okay so if you want to read the rest of the prompt uh you
can write about the following Brands kit on site Audio company with Top Class
Neapolitan tailored suits that include Four Season Fabrics cheers for their
beautiful handmade sartorial suits so I thought it would not believe for their
use of modern Fabrics such as mohair and EA together to offer a unique Four
Season suits experience uh boss for their Italian cut

 even though they are a German brand they
also use virgin Wool Wool which is a great Four Season fabric Okay so you are
the expert on what you’re selling you are the expert on your website you have
to give chat GPT the information that it needs okay if you are just saying
write an article about four season suits and not giving it any extra
information the output that you’re going to get is going to be really really
bad okay but because I give so much detail in my inputs the output is very very
good at the

Eight links that I want it to include

 bottom of this article I’ve got a there’s kind of six or seven or
eight links that I want it to include and I’m going to press enter one of two
things will happen here number one is you can see already that it doesn’t it’s
not using markdown okay so I want it to create markdown so what you can
actually do is you can stop it okay and you can start it again by saying please
remember to use markdown formatting so when I press enter now it should yeah
there we go so now this is H1 okay so this is a bonus little tip that I was
going to talk about later on in this article  about to talk about now instead bonus little
tip if it’s not doing

 what you want you can stop generating and
you can say why are you not doing that so let’s see if they’re actually there
it is okay boom look at that check out the latest kit on suits click there
guess what it takes me straight to the kit on suit that is so cool guys that’s
gonna save me so much time overall I’m already creating way more content
because of this I know that my last article  was about internal links using a script this
is using chat GPT directly okay and what you can do is and this is really
really beautiful for me specifically is you can copy and paste this directly
into Shopify okay I’m gonna go into

 Google Documents just because I haven’t
got um Shopify here okay but you can see these are links okay and they are in
the content and I haven’t done anything okay that is such a Time Saver it’s
really really interesting as well that they can even do this so yeah look
that’s uh a lot of links there that’s a lot of links that it’s put in one two
three four five six links okay some of them like you could say it’s

 missing the
kit on link okay so you could ask it to write the content again and this time
link the brands as well as the Brand Plus suit okay I actually looks like yeah
no it’s it’s linked the kit on suits but for some reason it’s linked to cesare
tellini Brand these are all kind of things that you can work on yourselves guys
this is the first prompt this will save you so much time overall you can copy
and paste this directly into Shopify or whatever CMS you’re using and it’s a
really good way to shape the article

whatever CMS you’re using and it’s a really

 with the prompt chat EPT is basically like
having a really good writer that you can tell exactly what you want and it will
write it for you okay that is the first prompt let’s talk about the second
prompt oh just before we move on to the second prompt let me just show you
something Italian uh White sneaker brands look at that just look at that I
wrote this blog post exactly the same way that you just saw me in fact if I
click on here you can see that it should be one of these could be this one I
think yeah look best Italian white sneaker Brands this was today I did this
while at work today before I went home sick okay

 you probably can’t tell but I’m actually
sick I wrote this article today and it’s already here that’s a that’s a joke
okay that’s honestly a joke it’s ranking better than my other article that I
wrote months ago I think this is like a year old this article I have no idea
when I actually released this article but I think it’s about it’s at least six
months old I know it says July 2022 but that’s because we moved to a new
website in 2022 insane honestly completely crazy see where this is in your
country okay Italian white sneaker

 Brands I’m not saying this is an amazing
keyword or anything like that I’m just saying it’s incredible that it’s already
ranking on page one on Google I posted this today okay okay to show the power
of the second prompt and before I show you actually how to do it let’s take a
quick look at what I’m doing with this prompt and why I think this is such a
good idea okay that’s a new record guys uh


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