Writing Blog Posts That Rank Organic SEO Keyword Tutorial – English

Writing Blog Posts That Rank Organic SEO Keyword Tutorial - English

 hello guys welcome to my channel in this article  I’m going to show you a blueprint for growing
a Blog on a website as you can see I started working for this company about 16
months ago or something like that this is the Google search console for the
last 16 months with the URL filter for blog and as you can see the main thing
I’ve been focusing on is exploding their blog and it’s been working really
really well and I want to let you guys into the secret of how I’m doing it and
how you can do it very very quickly and yeah let’s just get into it basically
so the way this is actually going to work is we’re going to be

 using Google Keyword add Google ads
Keyword Planner so to get in order to get to this screen I’m going to show you
how to do this from scratch so I’m going to create a new account so you can see
what to do because it’s a little bit confusing and we’re going to be using Google
ad Keyword Planner to find our keywords okay so once you see this screen this
is the Smart campaign you don’t want this so click on the bottom here press
switch to expert mode it will then show you this screen and maybe you can see
where this is going we also don’t want to do anything here so create an account
without a

 campaign yes let’s just submit this and
then we should if I click on explore your account here Okay so it’s kind of
annoying how this works to be honest with you honestly Google ads is so
annoying click on new campaign here and then again it’s not letting me do it oh
my oh here create a create a campaign without goals guidance foreign  I
really hate Google ads let’s try something else so let’s go on Google type in
Google add Keyword Planner and then click on the first one Press login it’ll be
in English on yours unless you haven’t got yours in English the Google ad
campaign is 480 ends in one six five eight so this one let’s see if it’s set up
correctly God this is so complicated annoying there we go

 okay so this is a fresh account uh as you
can see so what you want to do now is you want to click on discover new
keywords and then you want to change this to English because it will be in
whatever language of the country you live in and then you want to put United
States here you can do United States you can do wherever you’re trying to
Target so let’s say we’re in the camping Niche I’m just going to write the word
camping first of all because I know nothing about the camping Niche I’m doing
this from scratch I have no idea about the camping Niche but I’m going to show
you guys how you can find some good keywords sorry about the thunder in the
background okay so glamping already pretty interesting um so what you could do
already is Niche down into glamping instead of camping so that would be pretty
interesting uh what I’m going to do is I’m going to click on three month change
and North Face duffel bag there we go so let’s say we have a niche affiliate
website it looks like an these


 North Face duffel bags are pretty popular
let’s go on Google and let’s see how competitive it is so all in title oh
really interesting let’s do in title instead oh wow interesting okay there we
go uh yeah I don’t know but you could be worth doing an article on best uh
duffel bags or just on a review on the North Face duffel bag for example pop-up
truck camper I actually don’t know what that is what is a pop-up truck do they
sell them on Amazon that’s the important question um because if they sell them
on Amazon it’s easy to set something up on a niche affiliate website where it
might be uh yeah okay truck camper this is what they are I believe yeah this is
what they are nice interesting I have no idea one man ten interesting so right
this is I’m gonna actually use this as an example so in title oops and title
okay 2.7 million so it’s obviously a very very competitive keyword um and yeah
basically what we can do is we can write an article around something like this
I think I might actually look for a different example

 just something a little bit more
interesting okay so what you can actually do is you can Niche down further on
the same keywords so I took the one man 10 keyword which has up to 20 000
searches in the United States alone which is obviously huge and what you can do
is you can take all of these keywords here and you can basically write a very
very easy article around this type of topic so what I like to do is I would
probably write several articles so like one about a lightweight one-man tents
again I don’t really know anything about camping or lightweight tents or
whatever it seems like a very very very competitive Niche to be honest with you
but a lot of these have a lot of branding as well so I think this

 is a brand yeah this is pretty I I can see
how you could easily write an article about this kind of thing super interesting
it looks like YouTube is the dominant one here so if you do have one of these
websites you’re going to want to have a YouTube as well otherwise you’re
probably not going to do very well to be honest with you um if you guys are
interested in more article s about how to kind of get on the serp for these
kind of keywords let me know but you can already see how to do it just by
Googling this this alone I wonder how many views this article  has let’s have a quick look I’m expecting it
to have like a hundred thousand excuse me stop no I won’t have a hundred
thousand almost a hundred thousand yeah wow so English Woodsman has 77 000
views which is already a lot of money plus these are almost

 definitely oh it doesn’t actually have an
affiliate link interesting very very interesting I would have had an affiliate
link personally but not Everyone likes them I don’t really like them on
something like this I would probably have affiliate links but um yeah I don’t
know this is a really really good place to find really really good Niche
keywords and then all you do is you just copy all of these keywords like this
so once you know that this is a good so you can see


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