Unveiling the Ultimate Prompt for Crafting Superior Content

Revealing 1 Prompt that Will Write Better Content - English

 hello guys and welcome back to my channel I am back in
Italy I’m back home I’m back to creating content in this article  I’m going to give you this beautiful One-Shot
prompt which will give you a blog post 100 of the time that will rank on Google
and that will definitely do well on Google as well firstly let’s take a quick
look at evidence that it actually ranks on Google because obviously that’s
incredibly important so one two three these three blog posts were written using
this method okay let me just check I’m still recording yes so let’s take a look
you can see here that they were last edited on Wednesday

 Wednesday they were all written within a
few hours of each other okay and what we’re going to do is we’re going to click
on edit website SEO and we’re going to grab the URL okay and then I’m going to
go on the robo here pagina and I’m going to put URL that contains and we’re going
to see if there are any Impressions and as you can see there are already
Impressions there are already clicks there are already keywords here which is
what we like to see so that’s the first one let’s just check the others before
I give you this prompt and talk a little bit about how the prompt actually
works let’s have a look at this one this one’s doing even better as you can see
although there aren’t as many keywords here

SEO and we’re going to grab

 which normally means that um it could be
in discover for example or it could also be because of images image SEO as well
doesn’t seem to be in discover so I’m not actually sure where the impressions
are coming from I’ll have to look at that after this article  let’s have a quick look at the final one so no
oval pagina and then we’ll put this here this one is not doing so well but
interestingly this is also the one that I’ve seen there being traffic for so
yeah that’s kind of weird let’s talk about the actual prompt I’ve split the
prompt up into this prompt Builder here which I will leave um in the
description you can see

 everything that I’m talking about you’ll
be able to find this in the description as well and basically I’ve been working
on this prompt for a couple weeks now and what I like to do is first of all you
need to pick a tone of voice so I’m using Charles Bukowski but make sure that
you write in the prompt as you can see here do not mention Charles Bukowski if
you don’t do that then it will give you some kind of article and it will do it
like from the perspective of Bukowski and it will mention Bakowski then you
need to give it your focus keyword which you can see here is men’s Urban summer
fashion 2023 okay

Urban summer fashion 

 and then let’s zoom in a little bit you
can see here I basically let’s just read the prompt so I need help writing an
article today I want you to write in the style of Charles Bukowski be formal do
not mention Charles Bukowski only write in English the topical of the article
is going to be men’s Urban summer fashion 2023 I work for an Italian luxury
reseller called two men do not say that we’re a reseller okay and you want to
include the following Italian Brands cesare delini this is the important part
of the prompt okay I am writing an article about summer fashion I know my
Brands so I know that cesarea

 delini sells lightweight suits and sports
jackets that are great for wearing with slacks or dress pants or jeans okay
this is where the magic happens you need to input data about your brands or
whatever you’re selling into the prompt and it needs to be unique like this
okay kit on for its wide range of stuff including jeans sneakers tracksuits and
more and even swimming trunks Kappa Nat or knt for its

t-shirts hoodies and sneakers boss for all its
urban wear for casual play workplaces shorts and joggers Santoni for its re
range of handmade Italian designer sneakers okay let me talk quickly about why
this prompt is so much better than other prompts and why I’m changing to using
this one shot prompt previously when I gave just a list of keywords with no
context they would say things like santoni’s

 range of coats Santoni or at least we
don’t sell Santoni coats okay from my knowledge Santoni only makes shoes so
basically the reason that I’m I’ve changed the prompt now is for this reason
Santoni for its range of handmade Italian designer sneakers we only sell
Santoni sneakers therefore I have introduced that into the prompt this is the
really important part of this process for its beautiful jeans

Timberland if you want to go

 again we only sell tramarosa jeans so this
is a vital part of the process Timberland if you want to go trekking also great
for urban wear looks for jeans so this is even better okay I introduced the
concept of Timberland we only sell Timberland boots Timberland boots are good
for trekking this is from my own brain so you input that into the prompt okay
satorio for their sports jackets and Blazers perfect for semi-formal events and
Barbara Napoli for its polo shirts and lightweight hoodies okay so depending on
what article you’re writing you will change your prompt to fit that article and
you will change the products

 that you include in Brackets after the
brand depending on what you’re selling or depending on what the article is
about okay and then at the end up but when it’s possible I want you to include
these exact phrase match keywords and Concepts this is from my previous article
 if you want to watch the previous article
 Feel Free I made this list of keywords
myself I did it manually okay it took me ages but you can get it from search
console you can get all the information all the keywords from search console
and the reason that I do this is because after I want to use my internal
linking script which I will definitely have

 a article  coming for soon okay so let’s have a look at
the output and see how it actually works so the title is just basically the
focus keyword plus the title you can change that if you want okay oh sorry
under the keywords as well I’ve got using markdown titles throughout the
article for each brand please write an article including a clickable title okay
you can find this entire thing in the description guys so don’t worry I just
wanted to go through it so the output is H1 men’s Urban


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