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 Hello and welcome to this very quick and easy tutorial of
using chat gpt4 to make a link bait page on your website so it turns out that
Chachi PT is absolutely amazing at making tools so I made this tool a while
back using chat gpt3 but the problem is the tool didn’t work so I had to
abandon the project and but today I came back to this project using chat gbt4
and the results are incredible so The Impressions you can see now are what I’m
going what I’m going to have in the future with this page and the point of this
page is twofold number one to just generally increase the SEO and I did that by
basically it’s a suit size calculator okay and at the bottom what I did was I
put a piece of information talking about our suit

 Information talking about our suit

 brands with some links to our suit brands
so the idea behind this is to try and get links to this page but it could also
just be to rank this page on its own which will give me some page Rank and then
I can give the page rank to these other Pages here so let’s talk a little bit
about well first of all let’s see this in action so I’m 176 centimeters I think
I’m about 80 kilograms and I would say I’m an average build my suit size is 52
or 54. okay so it’s giving me a 50 of course so that’s maybe I’m not average
and maybe I’m large and that hasn’t changed anything I would say I’m 50 52 54.
it depends on the brand but I

 would definitely say that this is a little
bit low for me personally um so it’s not quite perfect but it does say that
it’s an estimator so so yeah definitely keep bear that in mind so I’m going to
be using this prompt okay um basically I This Promise is kind of really
specific to what I’m doing but you can just tailor your prompt to whatever you
want to do so I want you to write a piece of custom Shopify liquid code that
will create an Italian suit size estimator so you can just change this to if
you’re on WordPress you can make a widget or you could just make a Plugin or
whatever it might be chat gbt4 can basically

 do any of those things this estimator will
take people’s height weight and build as an input small build average build
large build for example and it should output a number based on kit on and
cesare at Delaney measurement systems which include a drop for each suit the
numbers range from 42 to 62 and the drop options should be C for Corto ah for
regular and Alpha lungo I okay so I’m adding this little bit at the bottom here
because this would have saved me hours earlier today because I I couldn’t get
it to work and the reason was because chat ebt4 didn’t realize that I was using
Dawn theme which uses a different system to the one it was originally using so
make sure that you tell it your theme the more

Tool output will be so Enterprise

 information you give chat gpt4 the better
the tool output will be so Enterprise enter here and I’m just going to see what
it comes up with but I have already done this and as you can see it is already
semi-functional okay so let’s just follow the steps while it’s creating this so
let me just go on my Shopify okay so unfortunately I can’t get on Shopify right
now because I had to reset my computer the other day and I’ve lost basically
everything so instead what I’m going to do is I’m just going to go through this
and let’s see what it actually says so to create a custom Italian suit
estimator for your Shopify store you’ll need to add some HTML CSS and
JavaScript to your store’s theme code along with a small liquid

 snippet here’s a step-by-step guide to
create the estimator first create a new section file in your theme go to
Shopify admin themes click actions edit code click and by the way this would be
amazing just for making YouTube article s like honestly just I can’t believe
how good this is Click add a new section and name it Italian soup size estimate
add the following code so basically what this is this is everything except one
important part which is add your custom Logic for calculating suit sizes using
your system okay so what I need it to do is I I need it to give me that code
because obviously this isn’t enough so I’m going to say is please give me Uh
custom Logic for calculating suit size based on the kitchen

 measurement systems so let’s see if that
actually works okay great so I apologize for not providing the I cannot provide
a precise calculation for suit sizing based on the kitchen design so any
measurement systems as they have proprietary methods for calculating sizes and
that’s not really true but however I can provide you with a generic example
based on height weight and build you may need to adjust the logic to better
align with the specific sizing guidelines of Kirton and Jose tahini replace the
calculate size function in the previous code with the following logic so what
that means is you can just uh this is the function here okay function calculate
size all I’m going to have to do is edit this code into one big

I’m gonna I don’t have Visual Studio

 code so I’m gonna I don’t have Visual
Studio Visual Studio code okay so on Visual Studio code I’m just going to add a
new text file I’m going to call this exactly what it told me to call it so
let’s go back on here and let’s see what I should be calling this so it should
be called Italian suit size estimator so this is going to be a section in
Shopify later but I’ve completed okay so this is going to be the base of our

 system you can do this directly into
Shopify obviously I’m just doing it here for this article  because I can’t get into my Shopify at the
moment but this is known as schema this is only really relevant.


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