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 hey guys what is going on welcome to the next episode of my
free seo playlist this episode is going to be about finding good niche blog
post ideas in the last episode i wrote this article here using jasper again
there’s going to be a jasper affiliate link in the comments probably not going
to use jasper in this episode but if you want to know how to write an article
once you find it then this is how you can just watch the last episode let’s talk
about actually finding the keywords or the blog post ideas so i’m going to use
um i’m going to use search operators probably on kea ore to start off with so
let’s do sitecura.com in title nft oh it’s in italian what is nft and why is it
trending what is the best way to this is a really good keyword so like if we
type on google um how to how to get into mpts probably that kia ora answer is

 Keywords or the blog post 

 going to be on this page it’s actually not
i’m actually i’m quite surprised by that can anyone get into nfts so i always
go to the people also ask i’m going to zoom in because people have been saying
they can’t read my screen so i searched for the keyword that i found here what
is the best way to start getting into the nft space and then how to get into
nfts i use my brain to come up with this keyword we can also check the auto
suggests so these things here how to buy nft on binance that’s a really really
easy article  slash article combination
how to buy nfts on openc that’s a really really easy one as well how to buy entities
on coinbase etc and then we’ve got how do i join nfts can anyone get into nfts
how much more

 money do you need to how much money do you
need to buy nfts how much does it cost to start nfts etc these are all really
really good titles so what i’m going to do actually i will open jasper instead
of google documents because it’s basically the same thing and then i’m going to
click on documents start from scratch and then i’m going to copy this keyword
and i’m going to grab these as well and then we’ll call this um how do we get
into empties and save and then we go back and then it’s here so that is one
done let’s have a look at another one what makes nft digital art valuable
interesting so while i’m on this topic another really interesting thing that we
can do is we can actually answer these questions okay so uh let’s actually just
quickly i’m gonna i’m gonna actually answer this question i’m gonna use jasper
um i’m

Process you can write the answer

 only doing this because um i’m showing you
the process you can write the answer yourself as well let’s just see what
jasper comes out with first time this could be interesting nftr is valuable
because it is a unique app perfect okay i’m just gonna grab that and i’m gonna
put it there okay what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna post that okay and then later
at a later date once i’ve written the article i’m gonna come back and i’m gonna
edit this and i’m gonna add a link to the article okay the reason that we’re
gonna do it like that is because it will probably get deleted like this this
person here has done exactly the same thing i guarantee this person owns this
um website this is a very common thing look there we go this is

 probably their website as well it’s the
same thing ubit i guarantee this person has ubit somewhere here my personal
website it’s actually not ubit okay you get the idea though you can put links
to your own website so what makes digital art valuable let’s go back to jasper
start from scratch uh what makes nfc digital valuable and then i’m going to
google that exact question again this is always my process guys i find this to
be the best way to do things so i’m going to grab these three but three is not
really enough so what i’m going to do is i’m going to no i’m going gonna click
on this one this one and i’m gonna click on how do i know if my nft is rare
that’s a good one okay so because this is quite a niche topic uh

 clicking on the questions is actually not
yielding uh the normal result but we can still grab some of these and stick
them here and then i think if i just put the title there and then go back there
we go that’s two done that’s two solid uh blog posts we can even probably use
uh jasper to uh write some more titles so right more titles is this going to
work yep it’s not in the right niche at all um write more titles about what
makes energy just valuable because we want about i would say eight titles what
to turn okay what okay nice okay there they’ve just copied it’s just copied but
you get the idea what are the best uses of

 nfts that’s a really really good one
actually i’m going to definitely grab that it’s a really important article to
write as well i’d quite like to write that myself probably not even using
jasper what are the best uses of nfts uh put that as a title and then we’re
gonna have a look what can i buy with nft tokens what is nft

Facebook groups are obsessed

 on unfortunately to open one of the best
nft tokens so i’m going to actually change the question here use cases for
entities this is using my own brain so let’s grab that keyword you can if you
know about a topic guys please just don’t be afraid to use your own brain i
can’t say this i can’t stress this enough people in facebook groups are
obsessed with keyword tools but google and your own brain are easily the best
keyword tools you don’t even really need to understand the topic that well um
what can not be used be useful in future i love that question let’s click that
count entities be useful why do people use nfts there’s two more great actually
they’ll probably go above you


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