The Hidden Formula for Selling AI Art with MidJourney and Niche Research in Print on Demand

 hello guys and welcome to this very quick and simple guide
to getting started with mid-journey let’s just get straight into the article  without any introduction so first of all
you’re going to want to  Discord or go on Google type in Discord create an
account  it etc connect it to your email connected to your mobile
phone it doesn’t actually matter once you have the app  and installed you
can click join the beta here and this will take you to the Discord app you can
click continue this will then take you can log in here and this will then bring
you to this screen here this is

 Discord okay I have my own Discord as a
quick side note if you want to join there will be a link in the description of
this article  as you can see it’s quite
an active Discord and people are discussing things like mid-journey prompts and
much more once you’re in here do not get confused I’m going to show you exactly
how to do everything click on newbies 45 or newbies 15 or whatever number it
doesn’t actually matter the first thing you need to know is this bar here is
your best friend okay this bar will save you from getting stuck many a time the
reason for that is because if you leave a Discord it will stay on this

Discord as a quick side note

 screen and there’ll be thousands of
messages that you’ll have to scroll through manually but it’s much better to
just use this bar here to go up and down okay so that’s the first thing I want
to tell you about the second thing is how to actually subscribe so if you want
to get the paid version of this which gives you a load of really really cool
features what you want to do is you want to do slash subscribe here okay I’m
gonna have to quickly pause the article  when I’ve sent this but basically once this is
done you want to click on open subscriptions page as you can see my thing keeps
getting lost because of Discord

 working in a really really weird way so
I’m going to click on open subscription page I want adequately blur out this
part of the article  okay so this will
bring you to this screen or it’ll bring you to the screen where you’ll see
basic plan standard plan Pro Plan obviously just like everybody else I’m going
with the basic plan just because may as well this actually has unlimited
relaxed Generations which is really really nice and I probably will upgrade to
that if I start selling any of this AI art but for now the basic plan is enough
to play around with if you want to do yearly billing then probably they are
going to raise the prices so it would be pretty smart if you have money to
throw around to just pay a hundred dollars

"The Hidden Formula for Selling AI Art with MidJourney and Niche Research in Print on Demand"

Discord so I’m going to hit the bar

 and get the yearly billing sorry 96 but
yeah it’s completely up to you um I’m gonna do I’m doing
 monthly billing for
now just because yeah why not so once you are subscribed you’re then connected
to uh the bot basically you’re connected through your Discord so again look I’m
stuck in the middle of the page I’ve gone back on Discord so I’m going to hit
the bar so that I can see where I should be so now that you if you’ve if you’ve
subscribed you should see members support right here okay what you want to do
is you want to right click mid Journey Bots anywhere on Discord and click
message this brings you on to your private messaging thing with mid-journey as
you can see I’ve already been playing

 around with it and I’ve created some nice
designs but I’m only going to show you a couple of design making techniques and
before we do anything else let’s just quickly go on to my Discord I’m going to
go to the mid Journey prompt section and we’re going to take this prompt which
was very kindly given to us by a viewer who I am now going to shout out before
I forget so shout out to side hustle Journey For Sharing The Prompt this is
what you get for being generous and Sharing The Prompt with us um thank you so
much for pushing me to use mid-journey because I probably would have never done
it if it wasn’t for you so shout out to youtube.com hyphen MJ I will leave a
link to your channel in the

I’ve been playing around with this quite

 description as well but yeah basically
I’ve been playing around with this quite a lot and all you do is you do slash
imagine and then you put a prompt here I’m going to go back to the problems
that I was using yesterday which was a panda sleeping in a bed in a bed eating
bamboo I’m going to show you exactly how I made a keyword which I believe will
sell um on my print on demand platform which I’m trying not to talk about too
much in my article s because I want it to be a secret at least for now so let’s

 let that load and while that’s loading I’m going to show you how I found the
keyword which I’m now going to use so I went on Google ads I made the I made
the design first it doesn’t matter if you made the design first and then the
keyword or vice versa it’s it’s the same thing um purely because you can

 literally make anything with this tool if
you try hard enough so it doesn’t matter which way around you do it so what I
did was I just typed in panda shirt because I wanted to find a keyword that was
connected to pandas in some way so and then I clicked on three month change and
I actually found this keyword right here which is I hate mornings Panda so
you’re probably seeing where I’m gonna go with this I then searched I hate
morning’s Panda I had a quick look on a couple of different prints on him and
websites and none of them had that much competition to be honest with you I
hate morning’s Panda

 here 243 results uh Amazon this is just
the actual thing so what I noticed was a lot of them were just little cute
things and what I wanted to try was taking over keywords with AI art which it
looks like this might be something the other



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