Bypassing AI Detection with ChatGPT-4 Crafting Human-like AdSense Prompts

Pass AI Detection with ChatGPT4 - Human Written AdSense Prompt - English

 if you want to create 100 human-like content that passes AI
detection every single time and unlocks AdSense for an AI website then this article
 is for you I have a prompt that will
show you exactly how to do this it works amazingly with chat gpt4 and it will
rank on Google but it will also help you get accepted onto Google AdSense so if
you do not know chat gpt4 is now live all you have to do is have a pro account
or a Plus account and you just click here and press gpt4 this is now you now
have access to literally the best AI writer in the game now before we get
started let me just explain a couple of things number one I personally do not
care about AI generated content the reason is the company that I work

AI generated content the reason is the company 

 for is not monetized by AdSense instead
it’s monetized by selling products okay so I’m not making this article  for me I’m making this article  for you guys so that you can understand how to
get a website accepted to AdSense so you can see here we actually sell these
products these are our physical products they’re in the store so I don’t need
to do what I’m showing you in this article  however I do use this

 prompt anyway not to help me pass AI
detection just because it’s so damn powerful AdSense is known for not accepting
AI content okay so sometimes not always people will be denied monetization
through Google AdSense and a lot of people have been telling me this in the
comments I do read the comments I’m completely transparent and that’s why I’m
making this article  so how can you tell
if something is AI

 generated right now the best way is to use
content at scale and it has an uh it has an AI content detector okay this is
currently the best AI content detector that I can find okay and firstly what
we’re going to do is I’m just gonna say write me a blog post okay we’re using
chat G uh chat gpt3 uh best suits form and this is going to give me some basic
crap that we’re then going to put into the AI content um detector to see
whether or not this uh content is picked up as being a i generated content
which the likelihood is it will be picked up as AI generated content because
chat gbt3 just isn’t really that good so let’s have a

AI detection just because it’s so damn

 look and let’s see what I think so 41 so
it’s likely to be AI generated okay so this is best suits for men the layouts
of the article is actually not bad and honestly I reckon we could rank this
article okay so but it’s not a question about whether it will rank it’s about
getting accepted on to AdSense okay and there’s a big difference between
ranking on Google and being accepted into AdSense okay but I have an incredible
prompt for you guys it is the prompt that I was using in the article  yesterday that was a silent article  I got a lot of flame for that article  but I really really wanted to um have that article
 live okay to show people how I create 10
apps scores per hour so you can with this prompt you can create 10

 articles per hour thank you to my past
self for putting the prompt into this Google Document while at work so that I
could make this article  The Prompt is
here okay and it works let’s put it into chat gpt4 chat gpt4 and let’s talk a
little bit about how this actually works but firstly what I’m going to do is
I’m going to change the article okay so the article is the thing here so you
need to change this so I’m going to put X for you guys but for now I’ll put the
article is best suits for men so there’s no difference between the

 prompt that I used before basically for
chat GPT 3.5 and this one here it’s the same article okay let’s read a little
bit about the prompt let’s write a blog post that will rank on Google I want
you to try to try to include keywords that’s not really necessary you should
use markdown formatting including bold u-l-o-l which means unordered list
ordered list write with a degree of creativity burstiness and human like okay
this I did get from another article  um I
don’t know if it’s even necessary because Chachi T4 seems to write unique
content anyway there’s no harm in including it include already anchored

 using keywords and links the article is
best suits for men this is the most important part of my process guys you can
write about the following Brands kit on I’m going to delete the rest of this
here okay and I’m going to change it to just kit on cesare atolini uh boss and
sartorio Napoli these are currently the four brands that we sell online but
what I recommend you do is when you found a topic you need to

 find a way to
make it unique to you specifically the way that I like to do that is I like to
give the brands that I wanted to write about so I wanted to talk about kit on
for the suit what in this case I don’t have to tell it for their suits because
the article is already best suits for men I’m gonna add one word best suit

 brands for men the reason I’m adding the
word Brands is because I don’t want it to start talking about random types of
Suits okay like striped suits etc etc so cheers Napoli use these links as
internal links formatted in markdown use a maximum for six internal links it
doesn’t stick to the final part but that’s fine so what we’re going to do is I’m
just going to hit enter and we’re going to see how much better the

Google Document and all you need 

 content is in uh chat gpt4 with this
prompt compared to the one at the beginning which was very clearly stated to be
a i generated content so the prompt itself I’m going to put that in a Google
Document for everyone to have access to so it’s now in this Google Document and
all you need to do is change let’s let’s put everything that you guys need to
change so you need to change this to um your focus keyword so what I recommend
you do is you watch the article  that I
released I think two days ago let’s just go on my YouTube real quick okay this article
 here trending SEO keyword secret Pros

 want you to share I will leave this in the
description slash in the watch this article  why is it hyperlink I’ve got no idea why is
that hyperlink that’s really weird okay nice so watch the article  at the top this is how you find your focus
keyword once you have your focus keyword I want you to put it in where it says
your focus keyword in bold okay then depending on the focus keyword and
depending on whether

 you’re selling brands or selling your own
brands or whatever you can write about the following and then I’m going to
write things okay so what you want to do where it says things is I’ll leave
mine as an example okay so this okay so I’ll leave this as example things so
all you need to do is think about how you can make chat GPT


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