AI Content’s Secret Impact on Google Rankings

AI Content's Secret Impact on Google Rankings

 uh hello guys welcome back to my Channel I want to talk
about something extremely important in this article  and that is Google’s stance on AI written
content we’re going to do this in a few different ways but I want to start by
just showing you probably one of the most important blog posts you will ever
see in your life go on Google type in Google stance AI content and you can
basically look for the developers.google.com blog this is on the 2nd of
February 2023 Google’s search guidance about AI generated content okay this you
do not get information from anyone else always get information from Google okay
so at Google we’ve long believed in the power of AI to transform the ability to

Google okay so at Google we’ve long 

 helpful information in this post we’ll
share about how AI generated content fits into our long-standing approach to
show helpful content to people on search rewarding high quality content however
it’s produced so for all of those people who keep writing to me why don’t you
AI content check your content why will Google rank your content Etc just read
this blog post Google’s ranking systems aim to reward original high quality
content that demonstrates qualities of what we call E eeat expertise experience
authoritiveness and trustworthiness blah blah blah our focus on the quality of
content rather than how the content is produced is a useful guide that has developed
us that has helped us deliver

 reliable high quality results to users for
years for example blah blah I don’t care about any of this blah blah blah okay
Our advice for creators considering AI generation okay this is the important
thing as explained however content is produced those seeking success in Google
search should be looking to produce high quality original people first content
just demonstrating qualities ee80 this is exactly what I’ve been talking about
in my article s I have an entire playlist if you’re on my channel okay
youtube.com C slash income stream Surfers and if you go on my playlist I have
an entire playlist using chat GPT to make money online in 2023 this entire
playlist talks about the concept that I’m talking about in this

 article  do not make bad content with chat GPT make
good content with chat GPT that’s all I’m saying that’s all Google is saying
okay evaluating your content in this way whether you’re using AI generated
content or not will help you stay on course with what our systems seek to
reward so how do I know that this is true well I have a website or I work for a
website would be a more accurate way of phrasing that although when I say that
I work for a website that website is kind of mine in the sense that I made the
website and I care so much about the website that it literally feels like my
website okay so to the person who accused me of lying because I said my website
instead of the website I work for you just have to understand that I’m so
passionate about what I do that I say my website it’s not my website I made the

chat GPT make good content 

 website from scratch scratch from from
zero I made the website but it’s technically not my website okay I didn’t pay
for the Shopify for example and it’s not my business okay I just work for the
business okay so this is the Google search console for two men okay if you’ve
watched any of my article s before you know that I created the website two men
dot it uh I think in November 2022 okay A little bit of this is skewed okay so
obviously I get this question a lot these clicks here uh probably from I think
this big uh big one here they’re a little bit skewed because I was showing
people specific keywords uh so for example uh Italian cope Brands is a good
example of this and also uh I think there was another one

 Italian Cashmere Brands is another example
okay and also Italian white sneaker Brands this is skewing the results a little
bit but like not to the point where these results are completely skewed that
it’s pointless to even talk about them okay so for all the people that search
for my website or the website I work for et cetera Etc thank you um and you can
see that they’re a little bit skewed but these are still the results that you
can expect if you follow my methods okay and you can see here 1300 indexed pages
on Google okay what I want you to do is I want you to get your website if you
think that your SEO is bad I want you to do site and then your website here if
you have less than 300 index Pages your problem is you don’t have enough
content so get on chat GPT get on Google adword Keyword Planner find some
keywords smash some content out and stop complaining about your SEO being bad
your SEO isn’t bad

Google wants or what they want 

 you just don’t have enough content if this
number is higher than 300 or even 700 or whatever and you’re still not
satisfied you need to make better content okay so you are not hitting what
Google wants you’re not giving people what Google wants or what they want okay
you need to make better quality content how can we make better quality content
well what I’ve been doing you can see here these are mainly listical articles
okay a listicle is like those articles like best five best fridges or for
example uh seven uh old money Brands 11 designer coat brands from Italy five
designer jean brands from Italy the

 best Italian Cashmere brands from Italy
the best luxury designer sneaker brands from Italy etc  my plan from the
very beginning has been twofold make as much content as possible and Interlink
from that content to my important money Pages has that worked yes basically
it’s working incredibly well this page is one of the most important pages on
the website for us Kiton is one of our most essential

 Brands and this page is growing it’s
growing faster than the website that we’ve had for nine years I think they
started the other website this website’s only four months old and it’s already
ranking pretty well not quite as well as the other website but it’s definitely
ranking really well so how did I do that I wrote I created these Pages all with
chatgpt okay so if I go on this actual page you’ll see that this has chat GPT
generated description I did not write this manually I used chat GPT to make
this and then what I did was I created a crap ton of content like as much
content as


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