Achieve SEO Dominance with the Power of ChatGPT-4: Your Ultimate Content Creation Prompt in English

Dominate SEO With This ChatGPT4 Prompt - English

 welcome to this article  this article  is going to be a little bit before it’s time
meaning that what I’m going to show you in this article  is it’s not quite there yet but when it is
there you’ll have this article  to take
you to that next level of SEO content writing before we get into this I want to
talk a little bit about the history of Chachi PT for SEO content creation so
the first thing we had was chat gpt3 which was when it first came out and it
was really really good but there was a certain problem with it it just it
wasn’t it wasn’t writing that next level content that kind of content that you
want to actually read on a website

Content was okay for SEO

 okay the content was okay for SEO but it
wasn’t really that well written and then we got chat GPT 3.5 turbo which not
only writes a lot more quickly but the content was a little bit better however
it still lacked a little bit of Genesis a little bit of a little bit of
humanity I guess is what was missing now on the other hand we have chat gpt4 so
there is a cap and it is incredibly slow however if you use this correctly you
can still write some amazing content and when the Cap’s removed and when you
can write an entire article with one click this will be an absolute Game
Changer so first thing we’re going to do is we’re

 going to find an article topic to write
about and what we’re going to do for that is we’re going to be using the
website that I work for which is two men so this is the Google search console
of two men Italia or two men dot it and everything here you can see on this
screen except one article was written with uh Chachi PT 3.5 or chat ept3 so if
the if your question is does AI content rank on Google then this search console
very clearly shows that it does I have one article that was written by Chachi
pt4 and it’s about um office outfits for men and it’s not currently appearing
on Google oh no it is appearing on Google okay so office outfits for men I wrote
this article three days ago this is a really really big

 keyword it has up to 10 000 searches a
month let’s just see I know I’m not using um VPN or anything I just want to see
where where we are basically on Italian Google right now and we’re on the third
page which is pretty good for a very very new article you can see it was only
indexed by Google two days ago this article is far superior to 3.5 in my
opinion and I’m super super impressed with chat gpt4 in my original article  about chat gpt4 I did talk about how it’s too
slow to consistently write a lot of content however I still wanted to make this
article  because once that’s not the case
it’s going to be absolutely

Opinion and I’m super super impressed

 insane so what I personally like to do is
I like to get my collections like this and I like to get my blogs this will
make sense in a second guys just follow my process trust me this will make
sense in a second I have talked about this process before but the reason I’m
doing it again is just because of chatgpt4 is it does this process much better
and I really wanted to share this with you guys so what you can do is you can
post your site map into a Google sheet like this and then what you want to do
is you want to filter z2a and then you want to scroll down to where it says
lock and then you want to grab all of your blog posts there are other ways to
do this this is just the way that I personally do it and then you can do

 control F and then you can remove the word
lock like that and then you just want to put a slash here and do the same thing
replace all okay these are now hyperlinks but I actually I want my collections
as well and I’ll I’ll tell you why that is it’s because I want the output of um
chat gbt4 I want it to be really specific to my website to my niche okay and if
you don’t do it like this it won’t be super specific okay so it’s much better
to make sure that you have all of the important pages that you um want to talk
about uh inside this list okay so that should be that let’s sort this by okay
and then we’ll remove these locks

 here I’m showing you the entire process
here guys just so that you can familiarize yourselves with this process okay so
this might be too many collections too many hyperlinks so I’m gonna split it
probably let’s say let’s say 150 lines that’ll do so what we’re going to do is
we’re going to go to chat gbt4 and I’m going to say here is a list of my
website Pages can you give me some ideas for some more blog posts that will
help me rank on Google so another really cool thing about chat gpt4 is that it
just has kind of a much better understanding of uh what you wanted to do okay
oh it’s faster it’s actually faster that’s

Layering the evolution of Italian 

 perfect okay so let’s see what it comes
out with the art of layering the evolution of Italian menswear the top Italian
accessory brands for the modern gentleman how to choose the perfect men’s
leather jacket the history and craftsmanship of Italian shoes a guide to Men’s
Designer scarves so what it’s doing is it’s looking at what I have now and it’s
basically telling me a what I’m missing and B potentially just random things
that would fit into my Niche okay so when I did this yet this is a really good
exercise to

 find some new articles to write about but
once you find one what I want you to do is I want you to do the exact same
process but with this prompt here I will leave the prompt in the description
personally I would recommend doing it inside the same chat just so that the
context is still there so the prompt here is going to be write this article so
one of the suggestions when I did this yesterday was the legacy of Neapolitan
tailoring and its effect on Italian Cinema okay 


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